Resale Inspection 

 You will receive a printed report with photos and code references 
From a cottage to the perfect house-- whatever your dream is, we will provide an inspection that examines virtually every aspect of your house , from the foundations to the chimney , locating and assessing problems.

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At Technical Warranty Inspections we work for you. We do not work for real estate agents, bankers or builders.
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One Year Warranty Inspection 
New Construction Inspection  
How your Warranty Inspection Will Save You Money  
  • By Identifying future problems while they are still in builder's warranty 
  • By Reducing surprises and repair costs when you sell your house
Technical Warranty Inspections provides recommendations as to how to proceed with the report and what to do if your builder is uncooperative 
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Expert Witness Testimony
20 years of experience in home construction cases 

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Technical Warranty Inspections