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Broken Truss : An engineered truss in the attic is cracked and repaired. A engineers drawing should be furnished to document proper repairs. Trusses are built under strict engineering conditions, and are not site repaired without a engineers drawing.
Source :  IRC 2000  R-802.10.4 IRC 2006 R-802.10.4. Truss Manufacturer's Warranty and Installation Instruction. 
Floor Insulation  The floor insulation in the basement is inadequate. Although this is a typical installation and R values are correct, there is a 8" gap between the insulation and the subfloor. Insulation needs to be in direct contact with the subfloor.T his problem could increase heating and cooling bills Source : Ga. Amendments International Energy Code revised 2008  102.1.1. Table 402.1.1

Weep HolesMany of the weep holes have been sealed with grout .Brick is porous, water can penetrate and run down interior of brickwork and therefor needs a means of escape. Holes also allow for ventilation.
This problem can lead to excessive moisture build up in the walls which can promote mold growth in the walls. 
 Source : CABO Code....... R-503.4  1995, 703.7.4 ÂIRC 2000 703.7.6. IRC 2006 703.6. and Brick Institute of America
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