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 Bill Prodny

ICC 5185524-R5
GAHI 95023
GA SMI 95-104
CABO  1836 
20  Years experience in warranty
  • The only inspector specializing in
  • Experience as a qualifed expert witness in home construction cases 
  • GAHI Certified 
Home inspectors earn the right to use the GAHI logo by completing a rigorous certification process that includes performance of at least 125 fee-paid home inspections and obtaining certification as a Residential Combination Inspector from the International Code Council (ICC). GAHI is the only home inspection organization in the country that requires its members to be a œcode certified.To be fully vetted as a GAHI Certified Inspector the inspector must complete 250 fee-paid inspections. Given the high standards for certification by GAHI it is little wonder that some unscrupulous inspectors attempt to hi-jack the GAHI logo. Inspectors that engage in the unauthorized use of the GAHI trademark often do so under the guise of adhering to the GAHI Standards of Practice. Let the buyer beware.
Protection of Your Investment
Ultimately, my goal is to assure that you have the protection of a qualified and fully documented inspection that gives you peace of mind and pride of ownership .
Personal attention to each job 
Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process .
Client Attention  I invite our clients to participate and provide input during the process and throughout the inspection  I never forget that our job is to make your dream home a satisfying ownership experience . 
Experience --Not just anyone can be a certified home inspector . Insist the inspector coming to your house has ICC and GAHI Certification 
Professionalism ---
 I have ICC and GAHI Certification . I maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility  with each client.
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  • Chances are your builder believed he was delivering a quality home. But when you considier the average house is made up of thousands of individual pieces , mistakes and mis-fittings are inevitable , even after Government Inspectors who sometimes see 30 houses a day have signed off on it .
  • On average , I find 10-30 defects per house. Typically , 75% of items found relate directly to the state building code , which is mandatory statewide. But either way, they'll end up costing you money after your warranty has expired