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Line-set :The line-set insulation has a gap at the furnace. Water is dripping on and into the furnace. Insulation should be installed to prevent condensation from forming and leaking into the unit. 
 Source : CABO, M-1706.  1995  2607 IRC 2006 M 1411.3.
Sheathing/Facia Gap :  Roof sheathing does not extend all the way to roof edge at the left side of the attic. As seen from the exterior ( rear of sun room ). There are gaps approx. 2" wide between roof sheathing and facia board. Only covering  are the roof shingles, water can easily penetrate into this space and  once inside the soffit it can enter the inner walls.Rodent problems ource :  IRC 2006 R806.1.  Standard Building requires openings no larger than 1/2â€? for Rodent proofing CABO Code.R-801.2 1995  901.2.  IRC 2000 R 905.2.1. IRC 2006 R 905.2.1. Asphalt shingles shall only be applied  to SOLIDLY sheathed roofs?

Foundation Height: The foundation of this house is less than 6" above the soil. Foundations should extend to at least 6 " above the finished grade at all points to prevent water penetration. We recommend that this area be re-graded to achieve these clearances while maintaining at least 6" of slope in grade within the first 10 feet away from foundation.
Source: Cabo R-304.2; Cabo Table, R-303  1995 404.1.3. IRC 2000  R 404.1.6. IRC 2006 R 4041.6.

Header Joists: The outer band on the rear porch is a single member.  Since the band supports other joists, I recommend that it be 
doubled to carry the load  Source: Cabo; R-602.8  1995 502.9. IRC 2000 R502.1 Table R502.5 (2)